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Wedding Options

Additional hours coverage

Second photographer

Pre-wedding/engagement photo shoot

Something Special

Folio Fine Art Wedding Albums

USB with Presentation Box

Fine Art prints & Wall Art

Thank You Cards

Ordering Tramadol From Mexico, Order Tramadol Online Overnight Cod

Your Wedding Investment

We love capturing the emotion, detail and magic of your wedding day from bride and groom prep through to the first dance… or three!!

Our wedding photography prices include:

  • Pre-wedding chat about your wedding day plans and timings in-person, by telephone or Skype call.
  • Coverage from bridal prep to the first dance (up to 9 hours).
  • A password protected online gallery to share with family and friends.
  • All edited and finished hi-res images supplied to you by digital download directly from the gallery.
  • Mobile phone & tablet app for you to view and share your wedding day images wherever you are! Check out an example of the Mobile Gallery App of our Order Tramadol Online Europe (for use on mobile/tablet browsers only).
  • Print licence – this allows you to print the images yourselves through your chosen professional lab.

Full Day Wedding Photography Coverage From £1,250

Pre-Wedding Meeting

We love meeting our couples before their wedding! Once booked, we will meet with you approximately 4-6 weeks prior to your wedding day to confirm your plans, timings and confirm any group shots you require. We are more than happy to chat to you at any time by telephone or Skype. You can Tramadol To Buy Cheap too.


Our standard coverage is from 3 hours prior to the wedding ceremony to the first dance, up to 9 hours.

If you want more coverage or to add additional hours please let us know and we will arrange for a second photographer to attend to enable us to provide you will the fullest coverage of your wedding day.

Number Of Images

All weddings are different and we do not specify a set number of images. Typically, a gallery for an 8 hour wedding will contain between 300 and 500 images. All the images will be in hi-resolution JPEG format.

When additional hours are added there would be a greater number of images in your gallery.

Phone & Tablet App

We know that you love to see your wedding photos as soon as possible after your wedding.

In the days following your wedding, we will provide you with your own personalised smartphone/tablet app with a selection of up to 10 preview images from your wedding day for you to view, share with family and friends and onto your own social media pages.

Online Gallery

Following your wedding, we will select all of the best images from your wedding day, edit and finish these before uploading to your personalised online password protected gallery.

From the gallery, you can download all images, share directly to your social media pages or order prints from a professional lab.

You can share the gallery link and password with family and friends. They register using their own email address and using the password provided. They can also order prints or digital downloads direct from the gallery.

Copyright & Licence To Print

The copyright for all of the images remains with Oakhouse Photography and will not be transferred.

If you do prefer to use our partner professional labs, we are more than happy to arrange the printing for you. These labs provides high quality prints on a range of papers, including Fine Art papers.

We provide you with a Licence to Print which allows you to print of the images yourselves through your preferred printer.

Create Something Special...

Engagement Shoot

Engagement shoots help you to get used to being in front of a camera before your wedding day, and provide some great images for you to keep.

Photo Shoot details:

  • Up to 2 hour shoot
  • All fully edited images by digital download

Wedding Albums

Wedding albums are the perfect way to display your photos from your wedding day. We are currently using Tramadol Visas Zales, one of the UK’s finest Fine album supplier. Pre-book a wedding album with your collection and save 20%.

Smaller parent albums are also available.

From £450

Second Shooter

A second photographer provides greater coverage of your whole wedding day and enables bride and groom photography and through to the first dance.

We would arrange the second shooter and your contract will remain with us.


For The Small Intimate Wedding...

If you are planning to have a small, intimate wedding or elopement and require less than 3 hours attendance/coverage, please feel free to check out our Tramadol Uk Buy which may be perfect for your special day.

How To Book

To book us as your wedding photographers, please complete the Wedding Enquiry Booking Form below or call Tony on 07725 805768, Carol on 07703 493574 or Order Tramadol Paypal to check our availability.

Once we are able to confirm our availability, we are happy to meet with you in person locally or chat by telephone or Skype.

To confirm your booking, a £300 non-refundable booking fee is payable and your day and time will be reserved. We will send you a digital contract to sign and once this has been received we will confirm your wedding booking.

Payments for the booking fee and any subsequent balance can be made by bank transfer (preferred), credit/debit card, or by cash.

Wedding Photography Enquiry Form