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Bexley Family Photographer | Jackie & Family

At Oakhouse Photography we enjoy family photo shoots throughout the year. Every season is different and each season gives us a fresh opportunity to be creative with the lighting, location and the mood we create for our images. Being a Bexley family photographer, we have come to know the grounds and gardens of Hall Place well and appreciate how attractive they are for family photo shoots.

Bexley Family Photographer

The Hall Place Family Photo Shoot with Jackie and family was purchased as a gift using one of our Gift Vouchers.

We agreed on Hall Place as a lovely location which always looks beautiful, whatever the time of year! In February 2015 we met Jackie, her husband and son, and captured some lovely images of them all. The weather was a little cold and damp, but we used that to our advantage and had a winning ‘model’ in Jackie’s son, who certainly seemed to connect with his inner Gene Kelly!

It was a great shoot, lots of fun and just a little singing in the rain!

If you are looking for a Bexley family photographer to capture your family photo shoot or event, please contact Tony on 07725 805768, Carol on 07703 493574 or email us at You can also use our contact form to get in touch