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London & Kent Prom Photography

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Our Prom Photography Collection is the perfect way to capture your end of year school or college event.

A prom is, for many, the last time that you or your school and college friends will all meet-up for a large social event. What better way to capture this time than to book us as your prom event photographers! We offer Prom Photography for Secondary Schools throughout Kent and London.

Prom Photography

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Prom Photography Products

Prom Photography Products

Password protected online gallery

Prints – from £5

Hi-resolution digital images – from £25

Framed and mounted prints – prices subject to size; please ask for details

From £5

Prom Photography Information

Our Collection is free of charge for our attendance and time spent at your event, for up to 3 hours, including set-up. However, we charge a booking fee of £100 to secure the event booking and guarantee the date. This is non-refundable.

Additional hours – £150.00 per hour or £250 per 2 hours attendance/coverage by the event organiser within 7 days prior to the event.

Individual Prom Portrait Sessions

We offer students a special individual prom portrait session where you can wear your prom dress or suit in a location of your choice before, or even after the prom itself. This portrait session includes:

Prom Portrait Session

30-45 minute photo session on-location

3 Hi-res digital images

One 9″x6″ Fine Art print

Password protected online gallery

From £95

Cheap Tramadol Online Overnight Delivery, Ordering Tramadol Online Forum